Results of the 2nd Israeli Naginata Championship


1st Place:Netta Sheinkman, Tom Kirkpatrick (Jerusalem)

2nd Place:Nikita Berkovich, Hirsh Salitan (Kfar Eldad)

3rd Place: Yosef Rubin, Moshe Baruch Salitan (Kfar Eldad)

SHIAI KIDS (age 7-10)

1st Place: Hirsh Salitan (Kfar Eldad)

2nd Place: Assaf Yerihover (Petah Tikva)

3rd Place: Roi Nevo (Kfar Eldad)




1st Place: Nikita Berkovich (Kfar Eldad)

2nd Place:Moshe Baruch Salitan (Kfar Eldad)

3rd Place: Avihai Arnon (Jerusalem)




1st Place: Yosef Rubin (Kfar Eldad)

2nd Place: Ben Sacks (Jerusalem)

3rd Place: Netta Sheinkman (Jerusalem)


1st Place: JERUSALEM (Avihai Arnon, Netta Sheinkman, Ben Sacks)

2nd Place: KFAR ELDAD (Hirsh Salitan, Nikita Berkovich, Yosef Rubin)

3rd Place: PETAH TIKVA (Assaf Yerihover, Imri Neeman, Nico Takeda Weinberger)

The 2nd Israeli Championship happened in 13-17 August, 2017. It was supervised by David D'Hose sensei (renshi) President of the ENF.

About 30 practitioners had attended the event, almost 100% more then last year! 

Also, there was a significant improvement in the level of the shiai and the techniques in general, what gave David D'Hose sensei the


option to expand the variety of the championship by adding more categories into the competition. 

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