2016 European Naginata Championship

Goodwil dan:

1st - Gur Nedzvetsky (Israel)

2nd - Eduardo Brito (Portugal)

3rd - Loïc Vargos (France)

Fighting Spirit: Martin Roetig (Germany)

2016 Goodwill results

Goodwil kyu:

1st - Manuel Azzolin (Belgium)

2nd - Daria Litunenko (Russia)

3rd - Ivan Kuzminsky (Germany)

Fighting Spirit: Marion Dupré (Belgium)


The Goodwill Finals, Gur Nedzvetsky VS Eduardo Brito.

The victory was a great achievement because Brito is a formidable opponent, and also because it was the first appearance of an ISRNF representative on an official ENF competition.

Women Individual:

1 - Charlotte Vandersleyen (Belgium)

2 - Marie Luise Göbel (Germany)

3- Charlotte Wang (Netherlands)


Women teams:

1 - Belgium

2 - France

3 - The Netherlands



Individual men:

1st place: François Dermine (Belgium)

2th place: Tyl Dermine (Belgium)

3th place: Loïc Delalande (France)


Men team:

1st place: France

2th place: Belgium

3th place: The Netherlands


1st - Tyl Dermine / Laurence Dumonceau (Belgium)

2nd- Benoit Laurençon / Loic Delalande (France)

3rd- Kirsi Höglund / Sophia Judkins (Sweden)

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