The Naginata-jutsu is the name for Japanese martial arts that teach the use of a weapon called "Naginata". 

Today a modernized version of the art is practiced worldwide. 

The Naginata is a sportive martial art which provides numerous benefits to the practitioner:


Rigorous body workout - Your balance, stamina and strength will improve drastically. So will your cardiovascular abilities and reflexes.

Self confidence and Consistency - Naginata is a difficult art to master, and the highest levels are achieved after many years of practice. By setting goals and sticking to them - you will gain the ability to become a better person not only in the dojo but in the life in general.


Culture - We see the Naginata not only as a method to practice a martial art but also to learn something new about our lives. The wold of naginata gives us an opportunity to meet many interesting people.

The Israeli delegation has just returned from the 11th European naginata championship which took place in Bordeaux, France. 

Nico Weinberger, Netta Sheinkman, Ben Sacks, Avihai Arnon, Ivan Yakimov and Gur Nedzvetsky had participated in the Championship and in the Seminars. 

Here are the ISRNF achievements:

Gur Nedzvetsky - 1st place in Goodwill Dan division (2nd time in a row. First one was in 2016)

Avihai Arnon - 1st place in Goodwill Kyu division.

Also - the following people passed grading:

Gur Nedzvetsky - 3rd Dan

Ben Sacks - 1st Dan

Netta Sheinkman - 1st Dan

Gur Nedzvetsky

President of the ISRNF

So what's it all about?

From the President's desk

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