During the last century, the Naginata was born again as a sportive martial art whose goal is to train the body and the spirit trough the practice of Naginata.


The modern practice is comprised of kata (a structured set of movements alone or with a partner) and of combat practice, using a "Shiai Naginata" and "Bogu" (armor)

The Naginata  (なぎなた, 薙刀)  is a traditional Japanese pole weapon. It consists of a wooden shaft and a curved metal blade which resembles the blade of a katana. 

Live blade Naginatas are rarely used today and are mostly seen on demonstrations of classic japanese martial art schools (KORYU) and on Tameshigiri (Cutting practices).

During the last several centuries, the users of the naginata were predominantly women. Only during the last decades the art of naginata was open to the general male public. 

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